Why Pura?

Choosing bottles for your family can be challenging.

You want the safest products but you also want them to be easy to use, environmentally progressive and of course cost effective. With Pura you can finally have it all! ​


Nothing matters more for your little ones and big ones for that matter.  As the ONLY 100% plastic-free bottle line and the ONLY bottles to be NonToxic Certified by MADESAFE Pura is proven safety leader.

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We offer traditional and PuraTherma™ insulated bottles in six sizes from 150ml to 850ml and five fully compatible 100% plastic-free silicone lid types.  Grab any bottle, any collar, any silicone top, and choose your sleeve colour to satisfy your mood or activities.

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 Our patented lid system allows our bottles and cups to evolve with changing needs of your family.  Re-purposed bottles can be used for years instead of months by simply replacing the silicone top as you child matures.

Learn about bottle safety in this 1 min video

 Why is it that parents are constantly forced to buy new bottles as their children mature?  This "built-in" over consumption is not only expensive but contributes to environmental issues around the world

Recycling isn't good enough anymore; learn why in this 1 min video

How do our products compare to other bottles?  Everything you see from Pura is unique to Pura because we design each and every product to be the best in its category.


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