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As babies become toddlers and their teeth start to come through, the ways in which they drink change and any and all cups can become not much more than chew toys. Kids have no interest in preserving them, so they can take a lot of damage through countless impacts, all of which can render them into broken pieces. Such plastic cups can very quickly become unhygienic and potentially dangerous for kids. Here at Pura, we supply you with award winning baby bottles that are easy to use and 100% safe. Free from harmful plastics and toxins, our products can be used again and again with no risk. When choosing Pura, you receive a fantastic range of products that are affordable and built to last. Gone are the days of spending a fortune replacing your baby’s sippy cups; with Pura you are guaranteed quality and durability.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to invest in a good quality stainless steel sippy cup for your kids. Not only will they take all the throws, smashes and impacts a toddler can put them through, but also, they can survive to become a trusted and sustainable item they will treasure as they grow! Read More

Eco-Friendly and Built to Last Stainless Steel Sippy Cups Online

As a market-leading manufacturer of children's water bottles, we're proud to have provided families all over the world with our award-winning products. Ever since we started in 2008, we've held true to the idea that kid's bottles can be safe, hygienic and affordable without damaging our treasured ecosystem. That's why all our bottles are designed for maximum durability using only ecologically friendly materials which will last you a lifetime!

We utilise a stainless steel bottle and collar design in our Pura stainless steel sippy cup. It features a colourful, tactile silicone sleeve, which aids grip and draws the eye. Critically, we've designed the medical grade silicone spout to be triple vented and valve-tipped to stop spills, and furthermore, we've created to support the natural development of your child's front teeth.

Like all our bottles, these are made to last a lifetime. They feature:

  • Capacity for our entire range of interchangeable tops and lids, which means that baby bottles can be transformed into sippy cups which can later be changed into sports bottles as your child grows!
  • Beautiful range of bright colours and interesting designs.
  • Ranging from 260ml to 650ml - check our Q&A section to see which is most appropriate.

We’re so confident in the durability of our stainless steel sippy cups online that we offer a lifetime guarantee on them.

We’ve worked very hard to make sure ours are the best stainless steel sippy cups available. They are not only fantastic quality and a brilliant investment for the future but also at a price that makes them accessible to everyone. However, we know that sometimes funds can be a bit difficult, and you might not be able to pay all in one go. For those who find it difficult to pay straight away, never fear! We've teamed up with a payment plan provider so you can pay interest-free in smaller instalments and receive your items now. Check out our payment options for more details.

Our commitment to quality service extends to our shipping policy as well. Order today, and our shipping team will get your item packed up and shipped out to you within 2-3 days, wherever you within Australia and New Zealand. Once it's gone out to you, we'll send you a tracking number and regular updates as it makes its way across the country, right to your front door.

Benefits of Choosing Pura!

We have designed our products specifically with you and your child in mind. Fantastic products that are completely safe for your baby to use are guaranteed at Pura. When purchasing our sippy cups, you receive amazing benefits including:

0% Plastic

Our bottles are 100% plastic-free to provide your baby with a safe feeding system. The only bottle on the market that is completely free from BPA and toxins means you can use our bottles time and time again without putting your baby at risk.

Interchangeable Spouts

Our ‘Baby Grows… Bottle Evolves’ design enables you to transform your bottle to suit your baby’s needs as they grow. Simply change the silicone spout and replace with another to make an infant bottle, straw bottle or sports bottle. There is no need to spend hundreds on replacement bottles, get yourself a single sippy cup, replace the spout and continue with your day.

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on the stainless components. If the product becomes unusable due to leaks for example, we will replace your bottle free of charge.

Our insulated baby bottles come in a variety of colours including pink, blue and green. Choose your baby’s favourite colour, match their outfit or simply the brightest to stand out in your bag. We all understand how quickly babies change and with our interchangeable sleeves you are able to customise the bottle as your baby grows without compromising on quality.

Let’s Discuss the Qualities of Our Insulated Baby Sippy Cup

There are various components that have a part in making our insulated baby sippy cups the best in the industry. Each of our baby bottles has:

  • Food service grade stainless steel that is lightweight and durable
  • Medical grade silicone that is soft to touch and adds grip
  • Vacuum insulation that keeps liquid warm for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours
  • Easy to clean, wide neck that is compatible with any Pura top
  • Measurement markings for your convenience
  • Medium flow, anti-colic designing with an extended vent
  • Interchangeable coloured sleeves for customisation

… and more!

Order Your Durable Insulated Stainless Steel Sippy Cups Online Today!

Our bottles are designed with you and your baby in mind, optimising safety and convenience. With our fantastic insulation feature and re-usability, you’ll never leave home without your Pura bottle again. Browse our collection of stainless steel sippy cups, kids insulated water bottles, insulated bottles with straw, easy to clean sippy cups & more today!

So, there's really nothing else to stand in your way. Order today by registering your details, adding your favourite item and your payment details as you go. Once you've paid, we'll look out for your order and let you know when it is on its way!

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