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Pura Kiki® wide neck soft spouts are designed to be the perfect transition from Mum or an infant bottle.

Of course our spouts operate with both our infant bottle and toddler bottles; when junior outgrows the teat all you need to purchase is a spout to convert your Kiki infant bottle into a toddler sippy cup! Our soft spouts are crafted from safe, non-toxic 100% medical grade silicone just like our nipples. Read More

Compatible with all Bottles

Silicone Sippy Spouts

Sippy cups are a fantastic way to transition your baby from the breast or bottle onto a regular open cup that we as adults use. Finding the right sippy cup for your child is easy with Pura. Offering bottles in a range of sizes and various styles of spout, we guarantee you can find a combination that works for you.

We understand that any adjustment can be difficult for your baby to get used to but choosing a silicone sippy spout makes it easier. The soft and flexible spout helps to lessen accidents and reduce spillage whilst providing comfort for your baby’s gums. Our range includes a Natural Vent Nipple that offers a medium flow as well as a straw top and sports top. As these have been designed to be compatible with any Pura bottle, you are able to buy one bottle and simply change the top to suit your baby’s development.

Benefits of Purchasing a Pura Silicone Sippy Spouts

When looking for a bottle with a silicone sippy spout, look no further than Pura. We offer a plentiful range of sippy cups and spouts that aid your baby through their early years and into childhood. Start with our medium flow nipple spout when you are first transitioning from breast or bottle feeding as this most resembles the nipple. Once your baby has adjusted, move onto the infant top - a spout that is more refined like a straw. This will aid oral development and start to develop their essential motor skills.

Following this, our straw top is fantastic as your baby has to purse their lips rather than using a simple supping motion. These tops come in two parts so the top can be accompanied with an internal straw for older children. Three simple, easy stages to aid your baby’s development. What could be better? Our spouts are made with medical grade silicone so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best in quality. Free from harmful plastics, BPA and toxins, all of our products are 100% safe to use time and time again.

Partner Your Silicone Spout With a Stainless Steel Bottle

Once you have decided on the best spout for your child, partner with our range of insulated stainless steel bottles. Coming in a variety of sizes, our bottles have amazing benefits for your baby. Made from food service grade stainless steel that comes with a lifetime warranty, our bottles are recognised by professionals all around Australia.

Keeping your liquid warm for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours, you are able to go about your day, safe in the knowledge that your baby won’t go hungry or thirsty. We care about quality at Pura and deliver only the best products in the industry.

For the Best Silicone Spout Sippy, Choose Pura!

What are you waiting for? Browse our silicone sippy spouts today!

We also have a range of stainless steel sippy cups, reusable water bottles, children's water bottles, infant water bottles, slow flow baby bottles & more online.   

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