Breaking Health News: Microplastics found in Human Blood for First Time

Breaking Health News: Microplastics Found in Human Blood for First Time

“Microplastic pollution has been detected in human blood for the first time, with scientists finding the tiny particles in almost 80% of the people tested.”

Breaking News: The First Signs of Plastic in Human Blood

The news on plastic continues to worsen. This week, for the very first time, it was released that plastic was detected in human blood. The discovery found that

microplastic particles can travel around the body and lodge themselves in organs, especially in babies and young children, who are at a more vulnerable state.

We already knew that plastic continues to have toxic effects in our environment, as it finds its way into the air we breathe, the oceans we swim in, and even the food we eat on a daily basis. From the summits of our highest mountains to the ocean floor, the earth is contaminated with these tiny particles known as microplastics. But we are now discovering it inside our blood and feces.

“People were already known to consume the tiny particles via food and water as well as breathing them in, and they have been found in the feces of babies and adults.”

Professor Dick Vethaak, an ecotoxicologist at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands urges our community to proceed with caution as he discloses his findings…

“Our study is the first indication that we have polymer particles in our blood – ​its a breakthrough result… It is certainly reasonable to be concerned… The particles are there and are transported throughout the body.”

He goes on to say that it has already been found that

microplastics were 10 times higher in the feces of babies

compared to adults, and babies fed with plastic bottles swallow millions of microplastic particles a day. Infants and young children have a greater risk of chemical and plastic particle exposure through toys, utensils, bottles, and even certain fabrics and carpet. This is scary.

“A recent study found that microplastics can latch on to the outer membranes of red blood cells and may limit their ability to transport oxygen. The particles have also been found in the placentas of pregnant women,” while the EU is funding research to be done on the impact of microplastics on fetuses, and the immune system.

Plastic production, therefore pollution, is set to double by 2040. With the recent

UN resolution to end plastic pollution, there is hope

but it will take society as a whole to contribute to ecological healing. Ending the chronic consequences of plastic pollution on our planet, and now in our bodies, will lead to a healthier and cleaner world for our children.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Are these microplastic particles getting past the blood-brain barrier? How do we know if they’re accessing major organs? How are fetuses protected from this risk? Questions like this are being posed by researchers all over the world, and funding is being raised to continue the research. We have a right to know the harmful effects plastic has on our bodies, so we can do something about it!

Why take the risk when it comes to plastic? Our solution:

Ditch plastic for good.

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Pura has been in the forefront of the plastic-free product market. Since our conception, Dr. Nancy Wayne at the UCLA School of Medicine has studied the effects of plastic on the endocrine system, calling

“BPA-free a marketing scam”

and goes further to say that companies are swapping BPA-based plastic for other plastics that are just bad - all in the name of marketing. Furthermore, in July 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a report discussing the hazards of common food additives as well as the chemicals that leach from plastic food containers. 

The Academy’s conclusion?  “Use alternatives to plastic…”

It is fair to say the news on plastic just continues to get worse… from toxicity issues to environmental concerns to microplastics in the food we eat,

and now in our blood.

We certainly are not alone in our work against the dangers of plastic. As the pioneer in plastic-free products,

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There is no better time than now to wave goodbye to plastic in your homes, in your children’s mouths, and now in your body and blood. Take control of your health, foster a cleaner lifestyle for you and your loved ones, and join us in an effort to rid ourselves of plastic!

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