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Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottles

In recent years, plastic bottles have become something of a hot topic. They have had a significant impact on our environment, breaking down into microfibre, which can enter the water supply and have some profoundly serious effects on wildlife, plant life and, ultimately, our own health. But not only are they damaging in the long term - they can be incredibly unhygienic and are of concern for kids as well.

If you are looking for a children’s water bottle in Australia, you might be surprised to see that fewer and fewer stores stock BPA based bottles. Bisphenol A, a synthetic compound used in a lot of manufactures, has sparked some major health concerns, with a growing body of research looking at some major health implications. For parents, this will undoubtedly mean looking for BPA free children's drinks bottles. Read More


Effective and Versatile Kids Insulated Water Bottles

We’ve been at the forefront of sustainable children’s drink bottle production since 2008. We’re the only plastic-free bottle on the market and bring you multi-award-winning products that have found customers all over the world. Whether it is for your infant, toddler or school age child, when you buy a Pura bottle, you’ve got a bottle for life!

For those looking for a sustainable kid's insulated water bottle for when your toddler or older child is keeping themselves busy on the beach or in the playground, you'll be pleased to find that our vacuum-sealed insulation keeps liquids ice-cold for up to 24 hours. Or, if you need to keep your baby milk warm or a hot drink on a cold winter’s night on standby for your kids, you'll find that they will keep hot drinks warm for up to six hours!

But there are other practical features we’ve built into our designs for these kids insulated drink bottle, too. These include:

  • Interchangeable teats, straws or spouts so that your bottle can be used by your child as they grow even into adulthood!
  • Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning and hygiene.
  • Sizes between 260ml and 650ml
  • Exclusively crafted from food service grade stainless steel and medical-grade silicone tops.
  • Excellent range of bright and lively colours, including Green, Pink, Orange, Aqua and a great variety of attractive Swirled combinations.

You'll also be pleased to find that our stainless steel base bottle has a lifetime guarantee against leaks and faults. That means you'll never need to replace the bottle, and your impact on the environment will be dramatically reduced!

Benefits Of Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Anyone who has had the misfortune to buy cheap plastic bottles will know how quickly they can degrade, especially if the kids using them are a little 'indelicate' in how they use them. They get thrown about, scratched up, chewed and receive multiple impacts, which, other than making them look haggard and old, can actually make them unhygienic.

One of the benefits of a kids’ stainless steel water bottle is that they don’t take nearly as much damage from misuse. Made from a high grade, durable steel, they can remain bright and engaging, easy to clean and, most importantly, remain the very best in hygiene for your kids. Furthermore, because they are so durable, steel bottles for kids are, by far, much more eco-conscious and long lasting than plastics.

Order an Award-Winning Insulated Drink Bottle for Kids Here!

Whether it is for a newborn or for an eight-year-old, parents know how important temperature can be when it comes to drinks or bottle feeds. The challenges of getting a feed bottle to the right temperature, especially when you are a busy parent, is well publicised, and mums and dads all over the world will be familiar with the issue of keeping a drink cold for your toddler as they race around in the sun.

It’s for this reason that Pura Stainless has designed and manufactured an award-winning insulated drinks bottle for kids. We’ve taken on one of the biggest challenges busy parents can face in feeding their infants and keeping their kids hydrated and cool and come up with a hygienic and effective solution. And, what’s more, it is one of the most environmentally friendly purchases you will make today!

Changeable and Durable Stainless Steel Water Bottles For Kids

Pura has provided environmentally friendly, plastic-free and hygienic children's bottles since 2008. We've become a household name the world over for our bottles, and over the years, we're pleased to have picked up multiple international and national awards for our durable stainless-steel and silicone designs. Our bottles are built to last and are easily adaptable for any age, so when you buy a Pura bottle, you have it for life!

Our kid's stainless steel drink bottles are designed to withstand all kinds of knocks and misuse by kids. The food-grade steel we use is strongly resistant to bacteria and can be put through your dishwasher to keep it extra hygienic. It's for such a reason that we've included a lifetime guarantee on all our stainless steel, which means that the bottle your child uses as an infant can be the same one they use as they are entering higher education!

To achieve this, we have given all our bottles a highly versatile, adaptive design which allows you to change out different silicone spouts and tops as your child grows. Other features include:

  • Changeable, medical-grade silicone tops
  • Insulating silicone sleeves
  • A huge variety of bright and engaging designs and colours
  • Keeps liquids warm for 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.

You can choose from a range of sizes, from 260ml to 650ml - just check our age guide on our FAQ to see what applies to your kids.

Sick of Plastics? Get Your Kids Insulated Water Bottles From Pura!

Ordering your stainless steel water bottles for kids couldn't be simpler, and our brilliant shipping team will get your order ready in a matter of days. We usually get our orders out within 2-3 days and send them anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Once your order's ready to go out, we'll issue you with a tracking number so you can see where it is as it makes its way to you.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own one of these brilliant, insulated drink bottle for kids. That's why not only have we ensure they are competitively priced, but we also offer an interest-free payment program. If you haven't got the funds to pay for your items all in one go, take a look at our payment options and see if you qualify!

There's really nothing stopping you from ordering now. Register your free account now, sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our offers and discount, and add your items to your basket. Then enter your payment details, and we'll take care of the rest. We also have a great collection of stainless steel baby bottles, insulated stainless steel water bottlesmetal water bottles with straw & more online. Order today!

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