Why Say "No" to Plastic Water Bottles

When we think of plastic water bottles, we like the convenience and the idea of picking up a single bottle or a case of bottles when we go shopping. It seems fairly easy and, when looked upon as a single transaction, could also seem harmless enough. Upon looking more closely, though, we quickly find that the simple plastic water bottle is not at all what it seems.

So often in life we make lifestyle choices on an almost unconscious level. We buy foods that might be unhealthy, for instance, simply because they are familiar or easy. Often our behaviour is formed purely from habit instead of coming from informed, conscious choices. Our purchase of bottled water in single-use plastics is one of those habits we would clearly change if we take the time to learn the deeper truth.

Recycling Plastic Water Bottles Is Almost a Myth

Many people like to help take care of the planet, and recycling lets them feel like they are contributing to a greater cause. Yet, in the case of single-use plastic bottles, statistics show that in many ways recycling is almost a myth. It's estimated that only some 20% of plastic bottles are really recycled. Most end up in landfills or, worse yet, become part of the ocean's plastic waste.

Rather than contributing to the growing plastic waste problem, you can truly make a difference if you purchase 100% plastic-free bottles that are reusable and will serve you for a long time. By doing this, you'll eliminate the need to buy countless single-use plastic bottles that would have been sitting in landfills taking hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Eliminate the Bottled Water Habit and Save Hundreds of Dollars Each Year

Purchasing bottled water each week can be a pricey habit. If you are buying bottles of water for work, and also for home, it's easy to imagine spending $10 per week. That would translate to around $500 per year, and that's for a single person. Taken over a ten year span and you'd find you've spent $5,000 on bottled water when you could have gone on the vacation of a lifetime.

You can save your hard-earned money and live a healthier lifestyle too if you simply invest in a top-quality, reusable water bottle that is made from safe components. With this solution, you'll buy your plastic-free water bottle once and never have to shop for bottled water in plastic again.

The Hidden Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles look so simple on the outside, but in reality they harbour a host of dangers that are invisible to the eye. These containers often contain the chemical Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, which is associated with potential health issues. When the bottles are heated, this chemical can leech into the water inside. Some experts advise not drinking the water from a plastic bottle left in a hot car.

In addition, the PET plastic typically used to make the water bottles is thought to contain chemicals that may disrupt hormones. These would interfere with the body's natural estrogen levels. Even more disconcerting is the news that in recent tests the vast majority of bottled water tested was found to contain plastic fibres that we would actually be drinking.

If you are ready to make a change that helps improve your health and safety and cares for the planet, eliminate plastic water bottles. You'll be doing good and saving lots and lots of money too!