Why Insulated Water Bottles Are the Best Bottles for Kids

It's amazing how fast kids seem to grow up in life. One minute they are an infant needing gentle care, feeding and comfort seemingly all day and night long. Then one day they begin to coordinate their movements and crawling becomes walking and the race around the house is on. A few spoken words become short sentences and then conversations. There's so much evolution in such a brief, short time.

Along the way, as they progress and grow, it's up to their parents to keep them safe and light the way. One of the best things you can do for your child is to look out for their health and introduce positive habits and ways of living to them at an early age. As part of this effort and with an eye on preserving our vibrant planet for the young ones in life, many parents are choosing a kid's insulated drink bottle instead of buying bottled water all the time.

A Reusable, Insulated Bottle Keeps Your Child Safe

For many years, just about any plastic water bottle would do. Then studies came out and we learned that the plastic we drank from often contained BPA, a harmful chemical. Being exposed to BPA can cause significant problems, especially in children who are still developing. Additionally, plastic bottles are made with the chemical PET, which can affect our hormones.

Perhaps most disturbing, other studies showed that when we drink water from these bottles, we may also be drinking plastic fibres. When you are really trying to protect your children, you do not want to expose them to all these problems. When you choose a kid’s insulated water bottle made of food-grade stainless steel and medical-grade silicone, you are taking a valuable step toward assuring your child's health.

Insulated Bottles Are Great for Taking on Trips

It's important to make sure your child gets the right amount of liquids and stays well hydrated all day. One of the ways you can do this is to give them a reusable bottle that is perfectly adapted for their needs. With an insulated drink bottle kids can have the water or beverage they want always available at their fingertips.

An insulated bottle works by creating a vacuum between two layers of stainless steel. This helps keep cool liquids cold and warm liquids warm for hours at a time. If your child loves to drink cold milk when you are out running errands to the store, that's perfect. If they prefer cold juice when you are driving a distance on vacation, that option is there for you too.

Insulated Bottles Are the Perfect Solution for School

Experts recommend that children take water to school so they can stay hydrated during the day. Hydration helps keep them alert in class and also improves cognitive function. If you give your youngster a traditional, single wall stainless bottle then their water is going to get warm and less drinkable during the long school day.

With a double wall reusable insulated drinks bottle, kids will find that their cold water will stay cold and taste great all day long. It can even stay cold enough to be refreshing late in the day when your student might be engaged in different after school activities. Another positive feature of insulated bottles is that their dual wall system makes them even tougher and more durable.

Insulated bottles made of stainless steel and medical-grade silicone are wonderful, safe alternatives to the danger of chemicals and plastic fibres found in disposable water bottles. They'll also help keep the beverages your child loves at the right temperature all day long.