5 Reasons and Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles

Over the recent years, there's been a growing awareness of the ecological issues facing our planet and our society. News about droughts and bush fires, flooding and climate extremes only serve to bring home the message that we all need to do something now. At one time, taking care of the earth and consuming only what we need seemed like a distant issue or someone else's problem. Now, it's all too apparent that we are going to need everyone's help to make things work.

Our lifestyle choices directly impact the health of our planet. Changing our habits can be very powerful when echoed across society and extended through the years. Best of all, some of these new approaches can also improve our health and save us money too. One simple change that can have a big effect is to switch to using a reusable water bottle in our everyday life.

Help Reduce the Impact on the Planet

Plastic free bottles have a profound impact on the planet. If you are constantly buying bottled water sold in single-use plastics, you might be thinking that recycling keeps things eco-friendly. In reality, though, only about 20% of these containers make it through the recycling process.

The other 80% winds up in landfills, or worse yet becomes part of the plastic polluting the ocean today. Even producing the bottles takes an environmental toll. It takes millions of barrels of oil each year to produce these containers, which further strains planetary resources. With reusable bottles, you'll only need one bottle for your water needs all year long.

You Can Choose a Material That Is Safe

When you buy water in plastic bottles, you probably don't realise that you'll be ingesting microplastics and maybe even plastic fibres too. If those were listed as ingredients, no one would ever purchase these products. You can protect your health by choosing a reusable bottle that is only made of materials that are totally safe.

If you want the best quality bottle on the market, you'll want to look for a product that has received the MadeSafe Certified rating. These bottles are constructed of stainless steel that is food service grade, which assures their safety. Look for choices that have no plastic at all, and instead use medical grade silicone for their components.

Improves and Promotes Hydration

With your reusable water bottle by your side, you'll be much more likely to remember to drink more water and stay hydrated. With bottled water in single-use plastics, you will often run out of water and have to wait for the next trip to the grocery store.

Your reusable alternative lets you simply fill up at the tap, so you have all the water you need. Being well-hydrated is so important to our bodies. Drinking the right amount of fluids helps lubricate our joints and keep our system and organs functioning well. Proper hydration also improves brain function, our mood and even our sleep.

Save Money All Year Long

When you invest in quality reusable water bottles, you'll save money every day of the year. Rather than buying bottled water sold in plastic for premium prices, you'll be able to fill up with tap water whenever you need. Many bottled water manufacturers today use local tap water as their supply, then mark the product up to exorbitant prices.

The cost of tap water at work or at home is pennies on the dollar compared to what the bottled water companies charge. At a minimum, you'll easily be able to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year.

Contribute to the Global Sustainability Movement

Long before there was social media, there was social influence. When others see you drinking out of a reusable bottle with a flash design they'll find themselves drawn in by the great look and concept too. It can become a conversation starter, and they'll really like learning about not drinking plastics and saving money too.

If three people change to reusable bottles because of you, and those three each influence three more, you've successfully started a local movement. You doing good in the world can encourage others to do the same.

When you want to make a simple change that can have a big effect on the earth, leave plastic bottles behind and move to a top-notch reusable bottle that is safe to use. You'll have a positive impact on your health, your planet and your annual spending too.